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My Super Sweet Kogi Bride.


It’s been forever people and first, my sincerest apologies. I didn’t mean to stay away for sooooo long,but…

Now that I’m back there’s a lot of catching up to do. Happy New Year!!!(yeah…we’re still in January) How have you been? How was your 2016? And how will your 2017 be? What are your plans? For me it’s gonna be a phenomenal year, a super Amazing year and the best year yet. So, cheers to 2017!!! Our Super phenomenal year. Happy new year lovies!!!

This post is about my Super (I know I say super a lot right…lol)sweet bride from Kogi state, Idah to be precise, marrying a Yoruba dude. I’ve known this bride since forever so it was easy cos I know her personality and what she likes. She’s a calm person…who’s easy going too…and loves red especially red lipstick. one of the easiest brides I’ve worked with.

As usual…a super calm look for her white wedding and something more involving for her traditional wedding look.

So enjoy the pictures with me.


Niceeeee!!! Right?! Do you think she has big eyeballs?

Let’s see her face up close


Those eyes!!!


Who says dark gurls can’t rock red??! She’ll kill me for calling her dark…she believes she’s lighter than I am…lol.



She didn’t think pink lips will suit her…I think she looks gorgeous in pink.




So? Which look dyu prefer, the trad or the white? Please leave your comments, I’ld love to hear from you.





Photography by: Ace Photography

Itsekiri Angel

Hello good people,

It’s been a whileeeee..Welcome back to my blog…so good to have you here. I have a whole lot to makeup for all this time, starting with this.

This bride was easy to work with, very cool, very straight, ‘small but mighty’, extremely nice but trust me, you don’t want to offend her (I did once but now we’re back to buddy buddy).

The traditional wedding was interesting, the attire, the process, the people. Three things I really loved about her face, her forehead, her chin and her lips. it was easy doing this job and I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved that the bride loved it. I loved the white wedding look more(as usual right…lol).

It was an Itsekiri trad wedding.The First look, the colour of her scarf influenced the lip colour and the major eye contour colour. For the second look, I just added hues of turquoise and for the last trad look, the gele was just sooo beautiful. The plan for the white wedding look was to make her look like she was wearing very little makeup…to look like the angel she really is and to go with her hair and lovely dress.

So….Enjoy this, It’s from my heart and this post means a lot to me. Please leave your comments as usual.




top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan1

We had to continue our scarf-tying outside…lol we were chased out cos of time…traditional weddings and drama sha.

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan2

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan3

Lovely lashes, won’t you say?

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan4

Lovely scarf, beautiful eye-makeup, lovely bride.

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan6

Touch of turquoise on her eye lids…

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan7

I love this particular attire!

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan8

Gele tying in progress…

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan9


top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan10

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan11

Bright red looks good on her right?

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan12

still in progress…don’t judge the gele yet…

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan12

Now, what dyu think of the gele…and oh this Picture?

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan13

White wedding makeup in progress…loving the hairdo


Contour tinz

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan14

The million dollar forehead and ooo her chin..

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan15


top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan16

this look is to die for…I totally love her face…drooooling

top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan16

You see the way her makeup blended into her hair, dress, accessories and bouquet to bring about one extremely simple but exquisite look. #ilove

Tosan 1top-abuja-makeup- artist-Tosan17

One word. Soft, Innocent. oops… two words



From Akwa Ibom to Lagos…

Olla people!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for visiting my blog!

Today’s look is different and I’m sure you’ll love it. I loved doing this job apart from the obvious reason, but also because it was my first time in Akwa-Ibom and I had sooo much fun. The food, the people and the environment most especially. The traditional wedding held there and the white wedding(about four months after) was in Lagos, Nigeria.

Unfortunately, no before pictures. As usual, I went straight to work and only remembered a before-picture when I was half way through. Even though, I’m sure you’ll still appreciate the work done here. I wanted this look to be very different, plus a good friend of mine gave a pretty lipstick that I was dying to use so I had to create the best eyes for the lips. lol.

All white wedding pictures were by Me *wink* and traditional wedding pictures by Akara Ogheneworo Photography.

Please go on and enjoy my work of heart and leave your comments as usual (I prefer the white look to the trad look, which do you prefer?).


tinushaiye 1

She loves really long and dramatic Lashes.


tinushaiye 10


tinushaiye 2



tinushaiye 9

Her hair-do was inspired by ‘My truly happy bride’s (Ifedayo)’ hair-do


tinushaiye 3

Oh my! The very very gorgeous white-look…I’m in love with this look!




tinushaiye 5


tinushaiye 6



tinushaiye 7

Lovely eyes! Don’t you agree?

tinushaiye 8




Thank You,

xoxo TinuShaiye.

From Umunede to Ikoyi, With Love.

Hello all,

Happy New Year to you and may this year be the best yet for us all. It’s been ages right? I know…blame it on my tight schedule. I’m sorry and I miss you, I’m sure you miss me too *widesmile*. I know this post will be worthwhile.

This about a very sweet client(all my clients are sweet right). She’s so peaceful and calm. Every time we spoke on phone, before I got used to her, I always thought she was still on bed. I fell in love with her voice and her peaceful nature.

Her Traditional wedding was a destination one to Umunede, Delta state (lol..I know you just said destination ko, destination ni..lol) and her white wedding back in Ikoyi, Lagos State. All I had in mind while working, was something to go with her peaceful nature while still showcasing my skills.

Well, You be the judge and enjoy the make-up.


The Before Picture. A pretty one, wouldn’t you say? TinuShaiye MA Pris2 Eye Makeup…Work in progress.TinuShaiye MA Pris3 Work still in progress. Brows done. I love her hairline.TinuShaiye MA Pris4 Beautiful makeup by TinuShaiye…not arrogance, just stating the obvious.TinuShaiye MA Pris5 A good look  at her makeup with her eyes closed. Nice blending. TinuShaiye MA Pris7 TinuShaiye MA Pris9 TinuShaiye MA Pris10 TinuShaiye MA Pris11 TinuShaiye MA Pris12 TinuShaiye MA Pris12 TinuShaiye MA Pris13 Makeup for white wedding in progress. TinuShaiye MA Pris14 Still in progress…TinuShaiye MA Pris15 The Lashes come on and foundation in process.TinuShaiye MA Pris16 TinuShaiye Makeup Artistry TinuShaiye MA Pris17 TinuShaiye MA Pris19 TinuShaiye MA Pris20

Yup!!! I wanted this to be the last picture…I really like it. I took this picture and it seemed like she was blowing me a kiss saying ‘Thank You Tinu’.

The End.

Please send in your comments, as usual, you know I love to hear from you.

Pictures by NMT Multimedia and Tinuola.

Beauty, Law and Laughter!

Welcome Darlings!

This post is about the very funny Temi and her makeup session for her BIG day done by us.

The first time ever I saw Temi, it was at a bridal job, she was on the train and I was the makeup artist for the bride(a very wonderful person) and her train. She was introduced to me as a soon-to-be-bride. Temi is a Lawyer but I think comedy is her calling (my opinion). Temi is so funny that there can’t be negativity in a room she’s in. I laughed so hard that day, I almost peed in my pants and I said to myself ‘I’ld really love to do her bridal makeup’. I was drawn to her liveliness!

Temi loved my job that day and we started talking about her own ‘day’. Temi is a beautiful woman with big, bold, bright eyes and I was already dreamy about what to do to those eyes. I wanted to ‘quieten’ it a bit while keeping it the centre of attraction.

I laughed all through her makeup session. and her wonderful mom is also funny. They can’t be sad in that family.

Enjoy the pictures of this job. I hope you’ll feel the positivity, fun, laughter and the love with which I painted.


A before picture of Temi. As usual I had done her brows when someone reminded me of a ‘before picture’.


A very serious me at work on the ‘target’, her ‘eyes’.


There’s something this picture does to me! I love love love. It just shows the makeup!


Beautiful! Do you love the eyes too?TinuShaiye-Temi-Trad5

Temi has ‘Lashphobia'( fear of false lashes). We had to fight it. Against all odds she wore the lashes and she looks beautiful! Don’t you agree?TinuShaiye-Temi-Trad7

Temi also has ‘Redlipphobia'(fear of red lipstick) but we had to use some of it.TinuShaiye-Temi-Trad1

Carefully and beautifully tied ‘gele’, by me of course!TinuShaiye-Temi-Trad6Awwwwwwwww……I’m smiling back. She’s so BEAUTIFULLLLLL! *kisses*

I’m beginning to see myself as a ‘shrink makeup artist’ (if there’s anything like that, lol) because I help people conquer their makeup fears. Just like I helped Temi conquer ‘lashphobia’ and ‘redlipphobia’. loool 😀

So remember to leave a comment. I love to hear from you.



Nwayin Oma!

Hello! Hello!

Welcome again to my blog. Today’s post is about a very simple bride. Her name is Obioma. Obioma has a calm spirit, nice personality.

She wanted her makeup, really simple and beautiful but there was just one problem with that. Previously, Obioma had the dreadful chicken pox and when it was cured it left behind some horrible spots and holes on her face. How was I going to achieve a flawless skin? I kept thinking and thinking and working towards this and VOILA! on her wedding day I was able to achieve that.

So darlings, enjoy these pictures and please leave a comment 🙂




That was a forced-smile…she didn’t want to smile for my camera.


Yes oh Yes! That was Obioma after our make-up session on her wedding day.


She was so happy!


Not very clear but you can see the smile and the flawless skin.


Nwayin Oma!…I hope I got the spelling right…my Igbo friends please confirm.

Adele or Adeola? What’s her name?

Hello Darlings!

Here’s the beautiful tale, told in pictures and text, of Adeola’s (not Adele, though I wouldn’t mind being her MUA too) bridal makeup on her BIG day.

Meet Adeola. She’s just a cute, big baby. Easy to like, very exciting personality. The day she had her trial session at the studio she was so excited and I couldn’t help but be infected. She’s  such a darling so it was easy prepping her up for her ?BIG day.

Below are the pictures of her makeup session for the traditional wedding. Enjoy every bit!



Before the makeup session…not bad huh? Nice Nose!


After the makeup session…I love her big bright eyes.


Blending…Sometimes the brushes are just not enough!


And some more blending…


Huh?! Tinu?! what are you doing to her neck? Honestly?…


‘Gele’ time is happy time! Yayy!


Whenever I look at this picture, I can’t help but smile back. She has such a cute smile. ‘Gele’ all done and looking perfect.


Big baby! Adeola…That’s her name…oh na na.

Hope you enjoyed them. Please drop a comment. As usual, I love to hear from you.