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My Gorgeous Asian Bride

Hi all,

Welcome again to my blog. Today’s post is about my Asian bride. Doing this job was a different experience, like painting on a very different canvass.  This is one of my earliest jobs. Funny thing is, I had a great laugh that day. The Bride, coming in from Asia was hesitant about getting a makeup artist from Nigeria so I was supposed to make-up for the bride’s maids only. Getting there that morning, She (the bride) had her face done already and was just waiting for me to do her bride’s maids. By the time I got to her second bride’s maid, she started cleaning her face. From the corner of my eye I was wondering;  What’s she doing? Then, she went to wash her face and sat quietly on her bed…I was still wondering…. When I was done with the second person and about to move to the third, she called me aside and pleaded with me to do her makeup before I continue with the bride’s maids.

So, as usual, enjoy these raw (no photoshopping done) pictures and get lost in my world.

Here’s an almost before picture (if there’s anything like that);

Okay! This is almost a before picture because I had already applied foundation and had done the brows. I was about to start the eye-makeup proper. Anyway, you get the picture.

In the process. Now, the after picture.

Beautiful!! Right?

Lets get more of her beauty here.

This is my best picture of this bride. I don’t know why, I just love it! Is it just me?

Her eyes from a different angle. I think she is saluting me for a job well done.

She looks Hollywood. Asian turned Hollywood. (wide smile)

She is taking a bow on my behalf.  Thank you for watching.

Thank you for your time.  I hope you enjoyed this post. Please do not forget to leave a comment.

You like what you see? Then give us a call on 07069636585, 08059555055. You can also email us at tinushaiye@gmail.com.

3 Responses to “My Gorgeous Asian Bride”

  1. Rookie

    This is really beautiful, wow…cant wait for my d day…kip up the beautiful work.


  2. JP

    Not a female, so cant say much…all I know is I love what I’m seeing…thumbs up!



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