…Creating Beauty.


TinuShaiye is a Makeup Artistry Brand acclaimed to be one of the top make up brands around the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria region. We offer our services to discerning brides and females within Nigeria and we are available to travel to all parts of the country and beyond.


Tinuola Nkemka Shaiye, the principal of TinuShaiye has always loved working with make up to create beauty as far back as her childhood days.


She will say, “As a child, I remember always playing around with my mom’s make up and making a mess with it”.


TinuShaiye was born by tapping into this innate passion for creating beauty and the brand is driven by the desire to help the modern woman:


I. Explore and enhance the beauty inside her so as to properly show case it on the outside.

II. Exude confidence beginning with a perfect outward appearance.


It is our philosophy that a woman should always look beautiful. We believe a woman’s outward visage should be the best possible, so she can exude the influence and confidence which will climax her self esteem and enable her stand her own and contribute her part to her society.

We always create beautiful, flawless and timeless looks while trying to bring to light the various personalities of our clients.


Customer satisfaction is key to us and we value our customers not just because we want them returning continuously for revenue reasons but because we actually enjoy working with people in their variety and enriching their lives in our little way.  We treat all our clients with utmost care, courtesy and hygiene.


Our Services include:


• Bridal makeup (pre-wedding, engagement, wedding, post-wedding)

• Makeup and Beauty consulting for corporate bodies and individuals.

• Makeup for photo shoots.

• Runway/Fashion Makeup.

• Gele tying

• Lash extensions.


We believe that through our works, we make the world a more beautiful and happier place, by beautifying people for those special occasions which mark or change their lives or simply by helping them achieve their beauty goals.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Akara Ogheneworo Photography

    I endorse TinuShaiye. I certify that she is a consummate proffessional, One that is well skilled in her art. I have worked with her and i have no doubt, non whatsoever, that she will deliver beyond your expectations.



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